3D printing

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3D printing

3D printing of sand molds and cores – creates great opportunities!

First in Nordic! 
As the first subcontractor in the Nordic countries, the Holsbygroup has invested in a 3D-printer for sand molds and cores

Short lead times – Delivery of castings in 10 days
By 3D-printing molds and cores directly in sand no models or tools are needed, that usually cost both time and money. Instead, we go directly from the CAD file and print out the mold that we cast in, which means short production times. About two weeks from order to delivery of castings!

No investment in pattern equipment
No need to invest in pattern equipment and that is a big benefit when the final design is not determined or at low volumes. Advantageous when retaking when changes are made directly in the CAD and then it is possible to print a new mold or core. In the event of disruptions in the existing supply chain, we can help with temporary " support manufacturing" without the need for pattern investment.

Freedom of design
Possibility to more advanced products and reduced machining time. For example, using 3D printed cores (what creates the internal geometry) which allows more freedom of design than is possible
at traditional cores. Example, no “drafts angles needed. 

Thanks to the development of 3D printing, it is now even easier to evaluate casting as your manufacturing method of your products.

3D printing makes it easier, faster and simpler to try casting as production method. 
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